we are more than fitness

and so are you

hi, I'm Kristin

Founder & Coach

I am a certified personal trainer and weight management consultant with a passion for equipping others to discover a lifestyle of fitness and food choices built on freedom. Faith + Charis Fitness was founded because of a growing desire to see those I coach be free from defining themselves by the number on the scale and instead be built up to build others up! Our foundation is rooted in faith and charis. Faith empowers a renewed mindset. “Charis,” the greek word for grace, describes the enduring freedom found in God’s patient and reliable kindness toward us. Grace gives us the confidence to overcome barriers in our fitness and nutrition journeys and prepares us to make transformational change.

Faith + Charis Fitness offers a come as you are approach to fitness and nutrition through live at-home workouts, group nutrition programs and 1:1 weight management consulting. At FCF we are more than fitness. And so are you.  

Enjoy a complimentary fitness consultation to share your goals and experience so we can serve you best! Then, join us for a free class! Let's do this together! 

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What people are saying

Kristin has greatly encouraged and kept me accountable in my fitness and nutrition journey. I love her personal and faith-based approach to fitness with the goal of stewarding our bodies well for the Lord. Her program has challenged me not only physically, but spiritually and mentally as well. I have enjoyed being a part of the FCF family.


What people are saying

If you join Faith + Charis Fitness, get ready to increase your energy levels and strength, no matter what your age or physical condition! Kristin encourages disciplined and diligent physical training and emphasizes that the ultimate goal is for us to steward our bodies. We don’t train to meet some impossible standard of perfection, but to train our bodies so we have the physical strength and stamina to serve and honor God well.


What people are saying

Kristin is an excellent trainer, knowledgeable in her field and also encouraging, kind and uplifting. At FCF it’s not just about losing weight or getting flat abs. It is about stewarding our bodies. Training with Kristin has been life-changing for me. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I have committed and stuck with an exercise program. I see definition in my arms, abs and legs that I haven’t seen in years, if ever.

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